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YWFT Moteur Font Family (aka Alloy)
YWFT Moteur Font Family (aka Alloy)




YWFT Moteur began as a technical, retro, machine-like design, with a second version later released as YWFT Maetl. YWFT Moteur carries a strong inspiration from the type work of Wim Crouwel, but branches into a new realm of a more French/German engine-like type design. YWFT Moteur works very well as a headline, especially in poster design projects. YWFT Moteur was converted to Opentype in 2010, and was previously known as Alloy. In the early 2000’s it was used heavily by the video gaming magazine ‘Playstation’ for headline and display purposes.

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Augustus Font




A modern classic. Augustus is a hefty sans serif that combines classical humanist elements and precise geometry. With racehorses and typography, lineage is everything, and Augustus is from good stock. Karl Frankowski paired the charisma of Morris Fuller Benton's Eagle Bold with the flair of Zuzana Licko's Dogma. The trained eye will detect a sprinkling of 19th century wood type in there as well. He named Augustus after Augustus Gloop, that alarming glutton of a child infamously expelled from the Chocolate Factory. Five years is a maddening amount of time to spend developing a single-weight typeface. That is how long it took one Karl Frankowski to release his first commercially available typeface and the attention to detail really paid off.  Augustus is now a complete international character set with a gang of whipped alternates. A half decade ago, however, it was 26 uppercase letters designed for a one-off poster. After hundreds of rounds of refinement, the rationalist that lives deep inside surfaced, and he developed a less flamboyant form for broader applications. It should be noted that this is no story of compromise. In the years since he began Augustus, the opentype font format took hold, which enabled him to retain the original swash characters as stylistic alternates.

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Beaufort Font Family (Full Family)




This type is almost a sans serif. It has legibility proportions, and a very large, useful family with specially adapted condensed and extended sub-families. Compared with type set by older technologies, PostScript type, imageset and printed by high-resolution offset lithography, has a remarkable clarity — at any size. While many types, old and new, benefit from this level of definition, few designs specifically exploit it. Beaufort does. Its pointed serifs introduce a sharpness of reproduction that was difficult to achieve, at any size, prior to PostScript. This means that small sizes of Beaufort will combine a high word count with good legibility, while large sizes will always display very fine detail. Optical scaling is not required. In style, Beaufort has a number of affinities. In particular, the bold romans recall a kind of “grotesque with small serifs” style popular with sign painters and package lettering artists in the early 20th century, and still going strong. In proportion, the basic Beaufort is in the vein of the classic oldstyle types that descend from Granjon, via the French Oldstyles, or Elzevirs, to Plantin and Times in the early twentieth century. Designed for optimum clarity, readibility, and word count, these types have a pronounced angle of stress in the lower case, which is quite large and fairly narrow in relation to the caps. None of the caps are exceptionally narrow, and both cases have an evenness of width that makes for a no-nonsense, orthodox appearance. The strength of the capitals distinguishes these types from those of another “optimizing” era, the 1970s and ’80s, when puny caps made for monotonous text. However, strong though they may be, Beaufort’s caps are not as obtrusive in text as those of Times or Plantin.

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The cousin of OCR spending summer vacation holed up with video game Apple IIe satellites of love mingling with the blackness of monospace. ASCA is screen based simplicity balancing between legibility for the human race and readability for the machines they depend on.

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Aubhaus Font




Aubhaus is a constructivist and geometric font. Great for use as a big display font on titles and short texts. It features Latin and Non Latin Characters.

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Arco Font Family




Arco is a brand new fat-face with some geometrical tweaks grabbing fresh and ideal for fashion editorial headlines. Arco also combines elegant symbols to sweet contrast. Normal & Outline version.

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Adore Font Family




In 1939 the Stephenson Blake Company bought a very popular script called Undine Ronde and began marketing under the name Amanda Ronde. Although Undine/Amanda was quite popular and can be seen in many advertisements from the 1930s and 1940s, there seems to be no surviving record stating the original foundry or designer. We thought that six and half decades of dust layers over the once-popular typeface were enough, so here and now you have its complete and expanded digital incarnation, Adore. It is quite easy to see why this typeface was popular. A round script with graceful meaty curves is rarely found and can be used in plenty of applications. Wedding paraphernalia, chapter titles, posters, poetry, book covers, religious literature... you name it, Adore can fit it. Aside from its totality being unmatched by currently available designs, Adore also possesses some of the most unique and imaginative letter shapes. The narrow loops on the B, P and R, the minuscule-like Z, the looped b and d, the descending h... all these shapes contribute to a breathtaking and adorable calligraphic work unlike any other. The original design came in a basic alphabet, but we have updated it for current digital technologies, and expanded it to include plenty of alternates and ligatures, as well as some ornaments.

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Terzo Font




Terzo uses three lines in the main stem of the capitals resulting in an interesting display of script capitals. Flourishes are uniquely positioned and are deliberately minimalist in order to feature the three part stem capitals. Lowercase characters are also strong enough not to be dominated by the capitals. The overall result is a well balanced and refreshing script that will serve many purposes!

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Bellezza Font




Bellezza (Italian: beautiful) is an elegant calligraphic script with many ligatures to provide great solutions for Invitations, presentations, signage, posters wherever sensitivity, legibility and elegance is essential.

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